Your Long Erotic Weekend

by Lana Holstein, MD and David Taylor, MD

Your Erotic Weekend

For those who cannot afford an expensive sex workshop at a fancy spa resort, the book by Dr. Holstein and Dr. Taylor is the next best thing. Your Long Erotic Weekendguides couples in creating their own sex retreat. This four day weekend will focus on rekindling the sexual energy that ignites a life-time of satisfaction. Both men and women will learn how to please their partner and understand their own roadblocks in the pleasure pathway. Each chapter focuses on both the individuals in the relationship and the couple with practical exercises and thought-provoking questionnaires. The homework in this book is actually fun and exciting. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Even more satisfying were the many succinct lines of wisdom that go off like a firework in your head. “Become the change you want to experience”. “Become the change”, that is a powerful concept that can be applied in many aspects of life. Another favorite line is: “your bottom line (is) the accrual of positive energy in your relationship’s account”. Everyone seems to be thinking in terms of “bottom lines” these days. Taking a boardroom term into the bedroom is clever. Does your relationship have a bottom line? Dr. Holstein and Dr. Taylor have many suggested activities that make deposits into the relationship account.

Many of these activities draw from the art of Tantric techniques. On the first day of this sex retreat, couples learn to Soulgaze and exchange Namaste. On the third day, a couple learns the Yab Yam position. Finally, a couple learns to play “Touch Hands” together. All of these energizing tools are meant to be taken beyond this erotic weekend and into a lifetime of exciting passion.

Reconnecting individual’s energies into energy as a unified couple is the primary goal for experiencing Your Long Erotic Weekend. So, disconnect the phone, the internet, the television and turn on your sex life. Get ready for orgasms like you have never experienced before. Are both of you ready to step-up to another level of pleasure? If so, start by reading Your Long Erotic Weekend and get ready to experience all of the dimensions of love and sexual energy.